The Secret of the Indian (The Indian in the Cupboard)

The Secret of the Indian (The Indian in the Cupboard)

Lynne Reid Banks

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 0375855246

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As his adventures with Little Bear continue, Omri travels from the French and Indian wars to the present, and then  back to the Old West at the tum-of-the-century.

From the Hardcover edition.

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fairs, the scarier the better – the centrifugal drum was one of his favourites, and that rocket that spins and plunges and twists and whirls around all at the same time. But no fair-ride ever dreamt up by an ingenious showman could compare with standing braced on the hoof of a giant horse as it races over hot sand. Over and over again the great hoof would rise in the air, leaving Patrick’s stomach far below, and sweep through a monstrous arc which had Patrick dangling high above the sand. If he

headlights as it bears down on him. “You haven’t forgotten that day last year,” he said, “any more than I have. The day you and Patrick were sent to my office for talking in class. The day I went home early because I supposed I was ill, having seen something I believed I couldn’t possibly have seen. You remember all that, Omri, don’t you.” Omri felt his head nod. “What I thought I saw,” the headmaster continued slowly, “was two tiny, living people in the palm of a boy’s hand. They moved. One

should have been learning there profound unhappiness. But they managed to make the best of things. Patrick’s cottage in Kent was okay, but his mother’s orchard (she had taken to cider-making for a living since her divorce) had been devastated. The problems this caused meant she was only too glad to leave Patrick up in London for a time, while she dealt with them. She never did get around to asking him where he had been during that fateful twenty-four hours when he was missing. So all that was

decisively. He turned away from her and ran upstairs. In his room he found Patrick already climbing into the seaman’s chest. “Go on, I’m ready! Send me!” But Omri, having come up with this amazing idea, was already having second thoughts. “Listen, how’ll I explain where you’ve gone?” “Don’t. Get rid of Emma somehow, make her go home, and you can tell your parents I went with her.” “But what when Emma gets back to her place without you?” “It’ll be too late then! I’ll just have vanished!” He

come out of the longhouse, serving as a sort of field-hospital for the injured Indians; and watched the removal of the dead. Now she called Omri over. “I’m very much relieved that you’ve dealt with that matter,” she said in her brisk way. “Now. Having disposed of the dead, do you think you could give your urgent attention to the problem of those who are still alive?” Omri felt a little jolt in his chest. Now Patrick had abandoned him, he must solve by himself the pressing problem of getting the

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