The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge (Stainless Steel Rat, Book 2)

The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge (Stainless Steel Rat, Book 2)

Harry Harrison

Language: English

Pages: 140


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

DiGriz and Angelina are happily married and expecting the birth of their sons. The planet Cliaand is waging interstellar war, and against the odds, its Grey Men are invading and taking over planet after planet. The Rat is sent to Cliaand to start a one-man guerrilla campaign to put a stop to the plans of the planet's leader, Kraj. He is aided by the Amazons, a force of liberated freedom fighters, and eventually by his wife who arrives to help him win the war and keep him out of the arms of the Amazons.

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invisible plastic that covered my own fingers. Nothing to it. While I altered Vaska’s best uniform to a better fit for me he rose—as instructed—and ate some of the cold dinner. Sleep overcame him soon after that and this time he retired to the bed in the other room where his snores and grumbles would not annoy me. I mixed a stiff drink and retired early. The morrow would be a busy day in my new identity. I was going into the Space Armada. With a little luck I might get a clue as to the nature

not forget My wife. “There, there,” Angelina said, patting me on one cheek and giving me a quick kiss on the other. “I hope you can run a bit, darling, because more of these thugs are on the way.” A projectile of some kind whined by to punctuate the statement. “Run …” I said hoarsely and staggered off, still not quite sure what had happened but at least still bright enough to not ask any questions. Taze put her arm around me, getting me going in the right direction and pulling me along, while

a good x-ray machine will be needed as soon as we get out of here.” “You are forgetting a simpler explanation,” Angelina said. “Don’t keep it a secret. If you can think better than I can—which is no compliment right now—let’s have it.” “The torture box. You said it was radio-controlled.” “Of course! A directional apparatus is probably an integral part of the mechanism. Is the thing still here, Taze?” “Yes, below. We thought there might be a use for it.” “There is now. When we leave the box

I clutched one of the half-naked Burada cuties. It was a little disconcerting moving helplessly like this through the darkness, particularly when the occasional missile whined by. By accident, I hoped. This street was narrow and blocked at both ends by Cliaand troops. If they knew what was happening they could sweep the street with a deadly crossfire. But hopefully they were involved with the robutlers for the moment. All we had to do was quietly cross the 20 meters or so of open road, to the

at me and I winked at Angelina and we drank to that. 22 We were standing at the inner lock, ready to disembark from the spaceship, when one of the pursers hurried over and handed me a psigram. Angelina blasted it with a withering look. “Tear it up,” she said. “If that is from foul Inskipp canceling the one little vacation we have ever had …” “Relax,” I said, glancing through it quickly. “Our holiday is still safe. This is from Taze …” “If that topheavy hussy is still chasing you she is

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