The Takeover

The Takeover

Muriel Spark

Language: English

Pages: 151

ISBN: 0670691070

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the cool, historic sanctuary of Nemi rests the spirit of Diana, the Benevolent-Malign Goddess whose priests once stalked the sacred grove. Now Hubert Mallindaine, self-styled descendent of the Italian huntress, has claimed spiritual rights to a villa at Nemi - a villa with a view to kill.

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said. ‘Our national patrimony.’ ‘It cost a fortune to put right,’ Maggie said. The father intercepted Letizia’s foreseen reaction to say that he understood Maggie had restored the old house beautifully, and built the new house beautifully as well. Pietro, it seemed, knew the young Radcliffes and had been to their house. ‘Oh, those are the Americans you spoke of?’ This was Letizia again, so much so that her boy-friend laughed. ‘What’s funny?’ said Letizia, seeing that the others were laughing.

‘Exactly. In the end, that’s what I asked. But who would believe it if there was a scandal? And you know these houses at Nemi, it was Hubert’s idea to invest this way; he found two houses for me, and of course he wanted one for himself on that piece of land. I don’t regret the houses, they’re all good properties and appreciating in value, only I want out, out, out, where Hubert is concerned. When I remarried I told Berto about Hubert still occupying one of my houses, and all the best furniture

and softly. Then, it was someone who knew Hubert’s habits and who knew the house. Someone rich. Who? He scooped up the many dozens of coins and took them into the kitchen, where he spread them out and looked at them again. Pauline returned with the fake chair which they placed in the drawing-room and admired. ‘He wants you to call in and see him. Better go soon,’ Pauline said. ‘I hope it isn’t about the bill.’ ‘I hope not,’ Hubert said. ‘Maggie gets the bills for this servicing of her stuff.

in small pieces. ‘It doesn’t exist,’ Hubert observed. ‘I never received it,’ said Massimo. ‘She did not register it and so it is easy never to receive a letter with the postal situation in our country being what it is.’ The door opened and Pauline stood on the threshold of the library. ‘Why have you unplugged the telephone?’ she said. ‘Someone is wanting to use it.’ ‘I don’t want to be disturbed,’ Hubert said. ‘Miss Thin, are you my secretary or are you not?’ ‘I’m hungry. We’re all hungry’

whispered to another, ‘Those Jesuits always come, both of them.’ ‘The Jesuits always go two together, never alone,’ said her friend. ‘Like carabinieri,’ said the other, ‘because one can read and the other can write,’ and her laughter crackled in the air like a fire in the grass until Pauline’s frown quenched it. By four o’clock they were all assembled and the gate was locked. Pauline had confiscated a motion-picture camera from Letizia Bernardini who had brought her brother Pietro to take a

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