The Tale of Lanen Kaelar (Song in the Silence, Book 1)

The Tale of Lanen Kaelar (Song in the Silence, Book 1)

Elizabeth Kerner

Language: English

Pages: 303

ISBN: 2:00299276

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lanen Kaelar has dreamed of dragons all her life. But not just dreaming, for Lanen believes in dragons.

Her family mocks her that dragons are just a silly myth. A legend. But Lanen knows better. And she means to prove it. One day she sets out on a dangerous voyage to the remote West to find the land of the True Dragons.

What she discovers is a land of real dragons more beautiful—and surprising—than any dream she could have imagined.


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we live a fraction of your lives, we cannot fly—but you have never admitted that we have a greatness that you do not possess.” There was much muttering at that. More stood in Anger. I had no plan, no idea of what to say, but the words came for all that. I still did not understand why I sought to anger the Kindred. I trusted in whatever was leading me and followed as best I could. But the hall had begun to hum, low and deep, with murmuring, and the beginning of the most unsettling melody I had

until all was done that must be done. Lanen The song was finished. I was not at peace—I did not believe that I would ever be at peace again—but at least I could move and act. I knelt to Idai and Shikrar, in thanks, in friendship. They stood silent until I rose, then bowed to me as one. We stood together unmoving, unspeaking, in shared grief that went beyond tears, beyond words to the silence of souls. Until, finally, there came a moment when we stirred, when life made its demands heard once

laughed. “I can’t believe it,” I said as we walked slowly back to the White Horse Inn. “So many beautiful things all in one place.” “That’s why I became a Merchant,” said Bors. He was trying to keep his voice light, but beneath it I heard a genuine passion. “I have always wanted to have beauty around me, to keep such things and make them mine so I could see them whenever I wished. Though, I wonder at you, Lady Lanen. I tell you true, I have never met such a woman. To look all day and buy nothing

the pleasures—I had simply never been for longer than a day without the comforts of a well-appointed farmhouse, and I missed them. I had never realised what it truly meant to have four walls about me and a roof over my head. There was safety and warmth and comfort there, cleanliness and good order. Here on the road there was much to wonder at and enjoy, and so I did—but in those first days I was perilously close to complaining. I found, too, that by the end of the first week I was looking about

sapphire even in that light. Shikrar and Kédra were wholly taken with mother and child. I followed Lanen as she went to the sea. “Littling, the Winds bless you, you have saved them.” She did not answer and I could not see her face, but I did not have to. She screamed then, once from her gut, and fell over. “Lanen!” When I lifted her from the water she was limp, she could not hear me, and her arms—her arms were horrible. I could not hear her thoughts. I was terrified. My little knowledge of

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