The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Companion

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Companion

Stefan Jaworzyn

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1840236604

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In 1974, a low-budget, no-star horror movie was unleashed on the world, causing panic among the censors and provoking glee from its intended audience. In this companion to 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre', Jaworzyn provides the inside story on the film, as well as coverage of the three sequels and various documentaries.

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Jerry, Leatherface gets very flustered and ends up sitting there with his head in his hands — he’s having a bad day, like the washing machine has broken down or some other domestic disaster has occurred... Gunnar Hansen: Dinner won’t stay dead... It’s never stated explicitly, but there’s a misconception — we always thought of the family as three brothers: the Cook is the older brother — most people think of the Cook as the father, but our intention was that he was the eldest of the three

this little horror movie we made one summer thirty years ago. And so, despite our expectations, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is still around. And it’s thriving. It has entered the culture — it’s hard to pick up a chainsaw now without having it mean something menacing. People still tell me chainsaw jokes. (They’re not funny.) Even people who don’t know horror movies know who Leatherface is. A copy of Chain Saw sits in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, in New York. Recently I bought a

opinions were ignored and the film remained uncertificated until his retirement, although it was revived for a limited release (only in the few cinemas under the jurisdiction of Camden Council in London) when a new print was struck in 1998. Ferman, contrary to his public persona, was not a reasonable, well-meaning, sincere and responsible director of the BBFC. His views on cinema were often bizarre, extreme and irrational, his judgements frequently motivated by personal opinions of a director’s

studios — that part of the score we did not do. Marilyn Burns: Oh my God, oh my God — I haven’t talked about that in years. The reason I wore a dark wig — I was going to jump into the alligator pool if it got any worse. It was that bad at the beginning. Everything that could go wrong, did... They had a nurse for Neville to keep him from drinking, which didn’t work... Carolyn Jones wanted to be made up as old and ugly as she could look, and then there was Stuart Whitman who kept thinking, ‘What

thirty-mile radius of Austin, so we were able to visit all of the remaining sites and incorporate them into our script. Most of the locations are still around, thirty years later. The BBQ Shack/gas station in Bastrop looks eerily the same, the cemetery is in Leander (which used to be a town of its own, but is nearly fused with Austin after thirty years), and the lot where Leatherface’s house used to stand is in Round Rock, which is basically Austin nowadays. The lot is on a hill, which has been

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