The Tiananmen Papers: The Chinese Leadership's Decision to Use Force Against Their Own People - in Their Own Words

The Tiananmen Papers: The Chinese Leadership's Decision to Use Force Against Their Own People - in Their Own Words

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THE TIANANMEN PAPERS, which contains documents unearthed from the guarded core of the Chinese Politburo, is the most important book on China published in decades. It reveals the highest-level processes of decision-making during the tumultuous events surrounding the terrible massacre in Tiananmen Square on 4 June 1989. Drawn from about 2,000 documents, THE TIANANMEN PAPERS have been compiled and edited as part of an extraordinary collaboration between America's most prominent China scholars and a handful of Chinese people who have risked their lives to obtain them. The Chinese pro-democracy demonstrations in 1989 were the longest lasting and most influential in the world. THE TIANANMEN PAPERS exposes the desperate conflict during the period among a few strong leaders, whose personalities emerge with unprecedented vividness. Its revelations of the most important event in modern Chinese history will have a profound impact not only in China, but in every country in the world that deals with China.

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Inc., 1991). The documentary film is The Gate of Heavenly Peace, produced by Long Bow Productions in 1995. Introduction: The Documents and Their Significance xzx and United Front Work Departments, 3 the State Education Commission, the Railway Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, the industrial ministries, the Posts and Telecommunications Ministry, and other cabinet-level agencies; and from diplomatic missions abroad. The material included reports on the states of mind of students, professors,

of people in China. The compiler has been able to obtain 4 The name on the title page, Zhang Liang, is a pseudonym. Introduction: The Documents and Their Significance xxi them and has been entrusted by fellow reformers with the task of getting the papers into the public domain in order to challenge the official story that Tiananmen was a legitimate suppression of a violent antigovernment riot. He sought me out in a place outside China, explained this much, and asked for my help. Why me? I am

you jihua de dongluan. This is the first occurrence in the documents of the stock phrase that appeared in the April 26 editorial and became for a while the nub of controversy between the regime and the students. 35 72 THE TIANANMEN pAPERS students from twenty-one universities met in Yuanmingyuan36 to establish a provisional student planning committee. They elected Zhou Yongjun of the CUPSL as their chair. (Zhou, who was chair of the autonomous student group on the CUPSL campus, was one of the

organizations. A small minority is manipulating the students, and the situation has become grim!' Li Ximing: "From the beginning of the student movement the Municipal Commit~ee and the Municipal Government have held twelve meetings of various sizes. Last night we held a meeting for the Party secretaries and school heads of more than seventy universities in the city. Each school was required to post notices calling on Party members, officials, and activists to mingle with students and do political

charges leveled by the student demonstrators. Wen Jiabao, a follower of Zhao Ziyang who was director of the Central Party Office and was in charge of handling paperwork for the Politburo and the Central Committee, favored a moderate line, was sidelined from decisionmaking when Zhao lost power, and bears no responsibility for the military crackdown. Li Changchun, then governor in Liaoning, and Wu Guanzheng, then governor in Jiangxi, were both moderates and personally conducted dialogue with the

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