The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook: Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned from Tolkien

The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook: Everything I Need to Know about Life I Learned from Tolkien

Peter Archer, Scott Francis

Language: English

Pages: 141


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"It's a dangerous business, going out your front door."

In the age of men, one must face myriad challenges: epic quests, imminent danger, the evil gaze of Sauron . . . okay, so maybe not. But wouldn't life's day-to-day challenges be easier if one were to take a cue from the diminutive hobbit? With The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook as your guide, you'll be ready to brave the difficulties, discomforts, and occasional orcs you may encounter.

Become acquainted and form fellowships with the peoples of Middle-earth: elves, dwarves, wizards, Ents, and more

Learn about the dangerous creatures that lurk in the lands beyond the Shire: orcs, wolves, and dragons

Use hobbit tactics of running away, hiding, and disappearing (with or without the use of magical rings)

Discover the proper etiquette for the delivery and solving or riddles

So put another log on the fire, cut another slice of seed-cake (is it time for elevenses already?) and curl up with The Unofficial Hobbit Handbook. You'd never consider going on a nasty adventure, but it's always best to be prepared, right?

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“disappearing” when in the forest. Study your surroundings and learn how to blend in. Employ the use of specialized clothing or use materials around you (such as leaves or mud) to disguise yourself. Sometimes hiding in plain sight is the best way to hide. Stealth Hobbits can be quite stealthy when they want to (even without the aid of an invisibility ring). Being a small creature gives you plenty of practice sneaking about, and hobbits have all sorts of clever ideas on how to remain

what a hobbit might think of in a pinch. Their quick wits have been known to help them out of many a dangerous situation. Disguise Wearing a disguise is a great way to avoid capture or harm. When Frodo and Sam sneak through the Black Gate of Mordor, they wear orcish armor. This tactic can prove quite effective. If you are able to acquire enemy clothing or armor, it’s the next best thing to having a Ring of Power. You’ll be invisible (and without the annoying side effect of turning evil).

navigate. Spiders don’t, of course, create caves themselves, but they’re happy to take over ones made by goblins, dwarves, and others. DWARVES. Dwarves are a friendly race for the most part (unless you’re an elf, in which case relations are a bit dicey). They’re superb builders and tunnelers, with a natural skill at creating huge underground cities—for instance, the vast city and realm of the Dwarrowdelf that adjoined the Mines of Moria. Stumbling into a group of dwarf miners can be a lucky

when entering a new city, is to find out where the grub is coming from. It’s possible that there’s a well-ordered system—for instance, military kitchens (butteries)—that serve regular food. In that case, you’d be well advised to discover very quickly where they are, when meals are served, and what the portions are like. Make Friends With the People Who Know Where the Drink Is, Too Second only to knowing where your next meal is coming from is discovering who’s serving the next drink. You

never know when someone may stop by for a visit. A well-stocked larder and wine cellar are of the utmost importance for any hobbit of station. Even when Bilbo Baggins found himself, to his great surprise, entertaining thirteen dwarves because the wizard Gandalf decided to coerce him into joining their expedition, Bilbo was prepared (for the impromptu dinner party, if not for the adventure itself). Bilbo’s neat little hobbit hole was stocked with plenty of seed-cakes, mince-pies, cold chicken,

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