The Wind after Time (Shadow Warrior Trilogy, Book 1)

The Wind after Time (Shadow Warrior Trilogy, Book 1)

Chris Bunch

Language: English

Pages: 131


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ten years had passed since mankind had won the Great War. The dreaded Al'ar, loathsome aliens who killed by mere sight or touch, had been vanquished. Now they were gone, forgotten, and humanity was free to expand throughout the galaxy.
But one man remembered. Joshua Wolfe had been a hero of the Great War. He had lived with the Al'ar first as a friend and then as a prisoner. He knew their ways, knew their disciplines, knew how to kill as they killed.
And Joshua Wolfe was the only man who knew that the conflict was not over.
Before the Great War, in a time of friendship, the Al'ar had given him a name: Shadow Warrior. Now he would fulfill its lethal promise...ile takeover that could put Cerebus's accounts deep in the red.

Christopher R. "Chris" Bunch (22 December, 1943 – 4 July, 2005) was an American science fiction, fantasy and television writer, who wrote and co-wrote about thirty novels.

Born in Fresno, California, he collaborated with Allan Cole on a series of books involving a hero named Sten in a galactic empire. Bunch served in Vietnam as a patrol commander. He also wrote for Rolling Stone and was a correspondent for Stars and Stripes. He died in his hometown of Ilwaco, Washington, after a long battle with a lung ailment. Cole married Bunch's sister, Kathryn.

He murdered an unarmed man, shooting him five times over an argument over dogs.

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we'd have them under fleet interdiction-assuming we've still got enough ships in commission to mount a blockade." "I didn't know that." "The given reason, even to our own agents, is we're trying to prevent looting until the Federation decides what to do with these planets. The Al'ar had some weaponry we still don't understand, even after ten years." "But that's not the real reason. We put the coverage on because of that damned rumor about the Al'ar being alive." "Our surveillance is both passive

million five hundred," he said. "That's a great deal of money for something you're just going to leave in a vault and just look at once a week or so. What else did you plan to do with it?" "I already said-nothing. It was merely to have it! You're' not a collector, so you wouldn't understand." "Maybe I wouldn't," Wolfe said. "Have you ever heard of a man named Sutro?" "Never." Joshua searched for his next question. "I didn't expect this when I allowed you to come here," Penruddock said. "To be

information. While not questioning your word, I'm well aware each shepherd prefers to have his own flock to shear." The two men exchanged wintery smiles. "Feel free to test the truth of what I said when Mister Sutro returns to Trinity." Samothrake rose. "Now, I'm afraid I have problems more complicated than yours. Thank you for coming to see me, Mister Wolfe. Please feel free to continue using our facilities, although I will caution you that the next set of unusual events may be seen in a less

a side road toward a grand series of towers, all glass and multihued stone, surrounded by the exotic plants of half a hundred worlds. They passed through wrought-iron gates and rode over hand-laid flagstones. There were bubbling fountains and, under an archway, two women, smiling as if he were their lover home from his great adventure. Lil set the lifter down smartly beside the greeters. "Welcome to Yoruba," they chimed. "Thank you." Joshua got out and knelt, one hand touching the pavement. He

orders." "Shit," Joshua muttered. "I think I'm a little too careful. Ship, do you have this station located?" "I do." "Lift from the bottom but do not break surface until you're a mile offshore. Then, at full power-" Static suddenly roared against his bones. "Ship, do you receive this station?" He felt nothing but the static. "What is it?" "I'm not sure," Wolfe said. "I hope it's just some kind of local interference. But I'll bet I'm wrong. We've got troubles, partner. I think somebody picked up

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