The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Streetwise Cat

The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Streetwise Cat

James Bowen

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 1250067812

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bob Fever has swept the globe, with A Street Cat Named Bob vaulting its way to #7 on The New York Times bestseller list in its first week on sale. With rights sold to 27 countries around the globe and a top spot on the British bestseller list for more than a year, this book has been a smashing success around the world. Now, James Bowen and Bob are back in The World According to Bob―a touching and true sequel about one man and the cat that changed his life.

As James struggles to adjust to his transformation from street musician to international celebrity, Bob is at his side, providing moments of intelligence, bravery, and humor and opening his human friend's eyes to important truths about friendship, loyalty, trust - and the meaning of happiness. In the continuing tale of their life together, James shows the many ways in which Bob has been his protector and guardian angel through times of illness, hardship, even life-threatening danger. As they high-five together for their crowds of admirers, James knows that the tricks he's taught Bob are nothing compared to the lessons he's learnt from his street-wise cat.

Readers who fell in love with Dewey and Marley, as well as the many fans who read A Street Cat Named Bob, will be eager to read the next chapters in the life of James and Bob.

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the intercom buzzer went just after 9am one weekday morning as Bob and I got ready for work. ‘Who the heck is that?’ I said, instinctively twitching at the curtains even though I had no view of the entrance from up on the fifth floor. ‘James, it’s Titch. Can I come up with Princess?’ a familiar voice said over the speaker. ‘Ah. Titch. Sure, head on up, I’ll put the kettle on,’ I said, breathing a sigh of relief. Titch was, as his name suggested, a tiny little bloke. He was wiry and had short,

I’d been given by a charity worker in the airing cupboard. Sure enough, I opened the cupboard to see a distinctive ginger shape submerged in the middle of the box. He’d done the same thing again not long afterwards, with almost disastrous consequences. Belle had come around to help me tidy the place up a bit. It wasn’t the most organised and orderly of homes, at the best of times. It didn’t help that, for years I had been a bit of a magpie. I don’t know whether I subconsciously harboured dreams

what seemed like miles along the corridors without the aid of crutches. I was a couple of minutes early so there was no sign of Belle. That was no surprise at this time of the evening; I could see that the rush hour traffic was already building up. I was resigned to waiting a while, but then, to my relief, I saw her emerging from the bus stop across the road. She was carrying a large, holdall style bag which, I assumed, had some clean clothes and my jacket in it. At first I didn’t spot it, but

started running a bath. I was looking in the mirror by the sink when I noticed something moving on the back of the door amongst the towels I kept in a rack. It was Bob. ‘How on earth have you got up there?’ I said, howling with laughter. I worked out that he must have climbed on to a shelving unit near the door and then, somehow, jumped from there on to the towels, pulling himself up on to the top of them. It looked pretty uncomfortable as well as precarious but he seemed really happy. The

my guitar and packing up. By the time two policemen had walked over, I was ready to leave. ‘You have to move on,’ they said. ‘Yes, I know. I’m off,’ I said. The incident had really riled me. I became convinced that this lady was the one who had reported me to the RSPCA. Now that tactic seemed to have failed, she had changed tack. She would go to any lengths to drive us away, it seemed. Back at the flat that evening, the RSPCA inspector rang me on my mobile and said that I had absolutely

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