The World's Most Dangerous Places

The World's Most Dangerous Places

Robert Young Pelton

Language: English

Pages: 1022

ISBN: 0062737384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Whether you are traveling to Afghanistan or within the U.S., Robert Young Pelton takes you where the timid fear to tread -- straight into the heart of the world's forbidden, lethal, and even criminal places -- giving you all you need to know to survive the experience.

Featuring more than 30 countries, The World's Most Dangerous Places reveals their hidden dangers, including everything from diseases, land mines, and kidnapping to mercenaries, mujahedin, and militias. With firsthand accounts of breathtaking adventure in these hazardous locations, Pelton provides indispensable information on contacts for rescue organizations, environmental groups, political activists (including rebel groups), training schools in outdoor survival, commando techniques, and other potentially life-saving advice.

Whether you're an armchair traveler or a die-hard explorer, The World's Most Dangerous Places is your ticket to the white-knuckle pursuit of adventure...wherever it may be.

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the FNLA. It was a disaster from the start. Psychotic officers (like 25-year-old Costas Georgiou, aka “Colonel Callan”) executed their own people, few skirmishes were won, and when it was over, 13 mercenaries were put on trial and 4 were executed by a firing squad (one had to propped up on his stretcher to be shot properly). The high hopes, empty talk, and wasted time continue today. Even if you do find someone who has a gig for you, remember that they get paid by the head count, and once in that

Centuries of warfare, outside cultural influences, and empire-building have made India easily the most interesting country on earth. Reality-show producers would tremble with anticipation at the thought of combining over 700 languages and thousands of castes, tribes, and cultures into one hot, sweaty, tough place. But somehow India gets by. Despite absorbing the worst of each invading culture, they survive. English bureaucracy and motorcars, Afghan driving skills and political rhetoric,

under arms. This military wing is called the Badr Corps, after the late Iraqi Shi’a leader Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr, who was tortured and executed in 1980—according to popular rumor, he was personally strangled by Chemical Ali. The SCIRI are currently led by Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim. They pursue a two-pronged strategy of light bombing at home (they’ve claimed several attacks on security installations in Baghdad) and lobbying abroad (sometimes in cooperation with the INC or INA,

sadder, richer, poorer, and just about anything more than any cinematic cartoon could portray. For every wild-eyed rich boy, there is a careful, quiet, social scientist. For every gray, wrinkled notetaker there is a naive, heroin-addicted neophyte. The common denominator among war photographers and writers seems to be the desire to be at the cutting edge of history—to make sense out of chaos and ultimately to drift back into the real world with a collection of old press tags, empty cartridges,

aid, 448 freedom in, 931, 934 fundamentalism in, 51 gangs in, 951–952 Green Berets (Special Forces), 363–364 gun ownership in, 178–179, 935 guns in, 950–951 hate groups in, 951 history of, 935 and Hizbollah, 722–723 and India, 944 and Iraq, 943, 944 jails, 948–949 kidnappings in, 208 land mines and, 224, 233 list of terrorist nations, 699–700 map of, 932–933 medical care in, 955 and Mexico, 949 and Middle East, 937 military-industrial complex, 943–944 militias in, 952–953

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