This Book Is Gay

This Book Is Gay

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1492617830

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"This egregious gap has now been filled to a fare-thee-well by Dawson's book..." - Booklist (Starred)

Lesbian. Bisexual. Queer. Transgender. Straight. Curious. This book is for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. This book is for anyone who's ever dared to wonder. This book is for YOU.

There's a long-running joke that, after "coming out," a lesbian, gay guy, bisexual, or trans person should receive a membership card and instruction manual. THIS IS THAT INSTRUCTION MANUAL. You're welcome.

Inside you'll find the answers to all the questions you ever wanted to ask: from sex to politics, hooking up to stereotypes, coming out and more. This candid, funny, and uncensored exploration of sexuality and what it's like to grow up LGBT also includes real stories from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, not to mention hilarious illustrations.

You will be entertained. You will be informed. But most importantly, you will know that however you identify (or don't) and whomever you love, you are exceptional. You matter. And so does this book.

One of The Guardian's Best Books of the Year

"The book every LGBT person would have killed for as a teenager, told in the voice of a wise best friend. Frank, warm, funny, USEFUL." –Patrick Ness, bestselling author

Bordered Lives: Transgender Portraits from Mexico

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Black Deutschland

Mama's Boy, Preacher's Son: A Memoir of Growing Up, Coming Out, and Changing America's Schools

The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography

Slow River












virus travelled to the United States in the late 1970s, and the epidemic – and later pandemic – took hold. For a time, HIV/AIDS was called GRID (gay-related immune deficiency), and by the time the medical world cottoned on to the fact that the illness could affect anyone – gay or not – the damage was already done. HIV/AIDS had become a ‘gay disease’. The reputation rose out of large gay communities in New York and California, where gay and bi men, who previously had no pressing need to use

(whichever) God’s teaching to find tolerance and love for all mankind. And also womankind (yeah, some religions are mega sexist too). Most people of religion see their sacred texts as a general guide for life – moral guidance, as it were. The problem comes when a minority take the written words literally – and the meaning of some of these words may even have been misinterpreted. Sacred stories and poems were written down by humans hundreds of years ago and so may have errors or mistranslations

won’t actually be blowing on his penis – it’s more about sucking (although I stress you’re not trying to suck his kidneys out through his urethra). It’s more about sliding your mouth up and down the shaft of his cock. Letting a guy cum in your mouth is a safe sex no-no. Get away from the volcano before it erupts. In fact, be aware that many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are often spread through oral sex. 3. Bumming: It is a universal truth that many men like sticking their willies

following the AIDS pandemic, the word was reclaimed (at first by the group Queer Nation) as a catch-all phrase to represent the full spectrum of sexuality and gender but later as more of a criticism of identity than an identity itself. Basically a label for people – gay or straight – who were sick of labels! Nonetheless, it is now used as an identity. In the broadest possible terms, as there are a number of groups under the ‘queer’ umbrella, being queer means not having to define your sexual

try. I wouldn’t eat prawns until I was eighteen – the mere idea of them freaked me out. But then I tried them and it turns out they’re DELISH. Don’t worry, I’ve more than made up for it since. (I stress, in this instance, that ‘prawns’ is not a euphemism for anything.) A IS FOR ASEXUAL There are two ways of looking at asexuality. The first is as a lack of, or little interest in, sex (with anyone). The second is as a refusal to define your sexual orientation or uncertainty about your sexual

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