This Time Around: A Novel (Station One)

This Time Around: A Novel (Station One)

Justin McLachlan

Language: English

Pages: 250

ISBN: 0983986142

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book Two in the Station One series.

Dr. Van Jacobs gave his life to save the universe... or so he thought. Instead, he awakes half-way across the world, floating in the middle of the Indian Ocean on an iceberg when he should've been dead. He's rescued by the team at Station One, but when he finds out what they've been working on, and their plans for the future, he realizes they might fighting on the same side any longer. A Station One series book.

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then the world almost ended and he’d gotten a little distracted saving it. Van looked at Patrick. “You, ah… how much about all this do you know?” “He knows that I don’t work in textiles,” Ben said. “He’s covert ops. I get it.” Van nodded. “Okay. Well, I don’t have cancer.” “Again I say, since when?” Ben asked. “Since, well, never. We got it wrong. The alien told me—” “That what?” Patrick asked. “He didn’t know that much.” “Sorry.” “Alien?” “Yeah Van, what alien?

would be okay, and he agreed they should look for some food on the pretext that it would probably make him feel a little better. Van didn’t believe that was true, necessarily, but it sounded good when he said it. They drove to a diner in Hillcrest for some breakfast, and Ben waited in the car while Van went to put in their orders. “You know, we could have Riley get a message to Patrick somehow, let him know you’re okay,” Van said when he returned. He passed Ben a sandwich and a diet soda, and

then the current pulled them under. Van forced his muscles to work despite the stinging cold. A few seconds passed and he couldn’t feel his fingers any longer. His lips burned and his eyes wouldn’t stay open. He struggled up to the surface, finding barely enough space for his nose to suck in a bit of air. He pulled his hands up to get a grip and hold steady, but then something clawed at his leg. The next thing he knew, he was back under water, in the grasp of a half-human, half-hound that

difficult. Back when he was an intern, he’d spent most of that very long year in cases with Dr. Anne Dax, a general surgeon who’d lost the ability to smile somewhere between medical school and becoming an attending. She’d almost made him sure that he didn’t want to be a surgeon if it meant spending the next six years of his life in operating rooms with people like her. She was prone to grabbing his hands during procedures because she claimed he made her nervous. About six months in, she told him

intersection ahead. The scout ship circled around for another hit, but in the meantime, the surviving hounds bore down on them. They’d almost made it to the corner when Kyle lost traction and slid on his backside into a fire hydrant. Van tried to slow to help, but instead came to a skidding halt and ended up tumbling over, too. From the ground, he had a great view of the hazy purple sky, the floating alien ship, and the four... white... dragons, crawling like ninjas down the sides of the

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