Through Thick and Thin: My Autobiography

Through Thick and Thin: My Autobiography

Gok Wan

Language: English

Pages: 360

ISBN: 0091938384

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For the first time in Through Thick and Thin, Gok reveals all about his life changing period. The lessons Gok learned during this time helped him bounce back from a difficult childhood to become a stylist to the stars, every woman’s best friend, and a national treasure. In this intimate memoir Gok tells his full story in his own words. Whether he’s recounting the horrors of childhood bullying or riotous anecdotes about his loving family, behind the scenes in the fashion world or TV shows, Gok’s voice jumps off the page with all the honesty, wit, and warmth for which he is known and loved.

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did none of the above. When Helen called my name, I jumped to my feet as though I was bursting with confidence and said in a camp voice, ‘Helen, darling, don’t bother calling me Gok Wan … Let’s just keep it to Gok, like Cher or Madonna?’ and then bounced back into my chair and awaited my acknowledgement from the group. While everyone else laughed, it was clear that Helen was not impressed. She half-looked up from her clipboard and shot me a glare from over the top of her glasses, staring at me

would dress up in mini tuxes and bow ties and my father would parade us proudly round the restaurant like little show ponies, well groomed and bright-eyed, while we enjoyed the attention. The women in the restaurant always made a huge fuss of me, telling me I was cute and letting me climb on their knees and hug them, which I loved. Once I’d started school, my summer holidays were spent in the basement of the restaurant singing Abba songs with my sister, brother and Louise, a family friend’s

mermaid costume. I had only used a needle and thread once before, in a domestic science class at school years ago when I’d made a bunch of grapes out of fabric that had absurdly impressed my teacher. Now I set to, creating a shimmering, beautiful costume. My brain was blinded by hunger and I have no memory at all of the costume, but according to Lydia, I took great care over it, sewing on hundreds of faux pearls with meticulous attention to detail. My memories are less of a glittering mermaid

never discussed his sexuality with me – something for which I was glad about, if only for the sake of my lunch staying down – so why would I have to discuss mine with him? Mum had reassured me that Dad was fine with my being gay, but she had always been a peacekeeper and I knew that her words perhaps couldn’t be trusted. I had started to date a guy whom I shall call Jason. Jason was sweet, pretty and he made me feel attractive. We had a healthy, enjoyable relationship hanging out, drinking and

stone in weight over the year. The only thing that kept me going was being in London and the security of being close to my ‘alo alo’ friends, as I called them, in Vauxhall. I was miserable and I couldn’t believe I had failed again. Was this going to be the trend for the rest of my life? I’d wasted another fucking year of my life and I was back to square one, only more miserable and fucking fat, AGAIN! After consulting with my friends and family, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I

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