Trap Line (Black Lizard Series, Book 2)

Trap Line (Black Lizard Series, Book 2)

Carl Hiaasen, Bill Montalbano

Language: English

Pages: 142

ISBN: 0375700692

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The gripping thriller from New York Times bestselling author Carl Hiaasen—now available as an ebook

A Key West fishing captain takes on Florida's drug lords in an underground war that could cost him his freedom—and his life Though he is one of Key West's most skilled fishing captains, Breeze Albury barely ekes out a living on the meager earnings of his trade. Meanwhile, Cuban and Colombian drug smugglers thrive all around—and they have their sights set on Albury and his fishing boat. After the smugglers cut his three hundred trap lines and crush his livelihood, Albury is forced to run drugs to survive. But when he gets busted by the crooked chief of police and becomes a target of the drug machine's brutal hit men, Albury becomes a vigilante on the seas of South Florida, unleashing a fiery and relentless vengeance on Key West's most dangerous criminals.

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Train. Probably it was just as well Albury had been half-lit himself. At first he had resolved to burn down the trailer with the two of them inside, but all he had had was a disposable lighter, and, lying there green on his belly in the musty living room, he couldn’t get the carpet to catch. So he had stormed out, fallen asleep on the boat. In the morning, he got a can of red paint and changed the name of the boat. For two years Albury had fished as captain of the Peggy Sucks, mocking her every

twenty-first? he wondered. Didn’t matter, really, the end of the month was now. Fifteen minutes out of Stock Island, Jimmy could no longer contain himself. “Breeze, I’m scared,” he blurted. “Well, I’m pissed, but I’m not scared.” “It’s Kathy,” Jimmy said, embarrassed, fighting tears. Albury stared out the windshield. The island was taking shape on the horizon. It came with a rush. “She’s pregnant. It wasn’t supposed to happen with the pills, but it did anyway. We can’t have no baby, not

bodies yet. A truck blew up and some of them got fried.” “Where did this happen?” Crystal asked, popping a Miller Lite. “A place called Dynamite Docks. It’s a little jetty on a piece of private property up there off Card Sound Road.” “Sounds like dopers,” Crystal said. “That’s what the chief thinks. He also thinks the boat might be the Diamond Cutter.” “He’s crazy. You guys just busted Breeze Albury last week. He’s not dumb enough to try again so soon. Tell your lardass boss he’s crazy. No

too,” he said quickly. “Ran into her at the hospital when I was up with Ricky.” “Oh.” Laurie smiled fondly and touched his cheek. “You’ve been out on the boat, haven’t you? I can always tell, Breeze. Your face is shining, burnished.” “It’s the summer sun off the water.” “More than that,” she said, tidying herself for the walk to the Cowrie and fighting back words. “It’s more than just the goddamn sun, Captain Albury.” IT WAS FIVE MINUTES to two in the afternoon when Drake Boone, Jr.,

represent better start hunting for a new lawyer, Drake, because your name is poison from now on.” They were both standing now. Boone, the shorter of the two, was so red that his head trembled and bobbled, as if his neck itself were a spring. Christine thought that he might punch her, but she delivered the clincher. “The money you gave Irma Clayton is now the property of the state of Florida,” she said. “Twenty-five thousand dollars in two envelopes. Mrs. Clayton saved them. Don’t bother to deny

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