Jacqui Rose

Language: English

Pages: 209

ISBN: 184756321X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As teenagers, Maggie Donaldson and Johnny Taylor fell hard and fast in love. But they didn′t know they were from rival gangland families in London′s criminal underworld. Going public with their relationship would have brought them more trouble than they could handle, so for years they concealed the truth. But their house of cards won′t be safe for much longer.

Maggie′s violent father Max has always been out for the Taylors′ blood and treats his own family with barely more sympathy. There′s a long-buried reason for the vendetta that no one talks about, a secret so shocking it could tear each family - and Maggie and Johnny - apart...

A gritty story of bitter feuds and unbreakable bonds, Trapped is the perfect read for fans of Mandasue Heller and Martina Cole.

Written in Stone (A Books by the Bay Mystery, Book 4)

De Cock en de bloedwraak (De Cock, Book 32)

Salvation Boulevard: A Novel


Massacre at Russian River (Dirty Harry, Book 7)


















I’m sorry you had to hear it babe, especially after you coming all this way to see me.’ Gypsy watched Lorna’s sickly smile. She knew she spelled trouble with the letters B.I.T.C.H. Gypsy had been brought up in the East End, she was streetwise. She could smell a rat when she saw one, and Lorna Taylor was one of the biggest ones she’d seen in a long time. Even the Pied Piper of Hamelin would have trouble with her. Gypsy continued to stare at her sister-in-law. Her bulbous body pushed at the seams

liked to get what was owed to her. For two weeks running Nicky had short-changed her, pretending Johnny hadn’t paid the amount he usually did for Harley. She wasn’t stupid but Johnny was thinking Nicky would be more trustworthy than her when it came to money just because Maggie was his sister. She knew exactly what was going on. Unlike her nephew Gary, she didn’t have the ability to beat it out of someone, but what she did have though was more powerful than any clenched knuckle. She had

hung almost to their knees, showing off designer underwear and youthful taut stomachs. They stopped pushing and joking with one another when they saw Johnny, nodding their heads in respect for one of Soho’s upcoming faces, turning up their own swagger as they did so. Inside, Johnny decided to walk up the concrete stairwell rather than risk going into the lift which had shit smeared all over the sides. Gina’s flat was on the sixteenth floor. He could’ve easily bounded up the flight of stairs but

put her hand on the gold brass handle she stopped and turned to Gypsy. ‘A word of advice, don’t take too long in going and don’t cause a fuss when you go. Just make it as natural as possible.’ ‘Natural? As if Frankie’s going to let me go without any explanation?’ ‘Don’t worry on that score darling; I’m sure you can make something up. You’ve certainly had practice.’ Lorna winked and opened the door and walked out, leaving Gypsy desperately thinking of a way to try to stop Lorna – before she

him. Frankie turned to Maggie. ‘You happy now? None of this would have happened if it wasn’t for you. If something happens to him …’ Gypsy interrupted Frankie angrily. ‘Leave her be, Frankie, it ain’t her fault, none of this is. We’re more to blame than her, the whole lot of us.’ Maggie shook her head but was grateful for the surprise support from Gypsy. ‘I ain’t going to stand here and listen to you lot at each other’s throats,’ Gypsy continued. ‘Hasn’t there been enough damage already?’

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