Truth Like the Sun (Vintage Contemporaries)

Truth Like the Sun (Vintage Contemporaries)

Jim Lynch

Language: English

Pages: 253

ISBN: 0307949346

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A classic and hugely entertaining political novel, the cat-and-mouse story of urban intrigue in Seattle both in 1962, when Seattle hosted the World's Fair, and in 2001, after its transformation in the Microsoft gold rush.

Larger than life, Roger Morgan was the mastermind behind the fair that made the city famous and is still a backstage power forty years later, when at the age of seventy he runs for mayor in hopes of restoring all of Seattle's former glory. Helen Gulanos, a reporter every bit as eager to make her mark, sees her assignment to investigate the events of 1962 become front-page news with Morgan's candidacy, and resolves to find out who he really is and where his power comes from: in 1962, a brash and excitable young promoter, greeting everyone from Elvis Presley to Lyndon Johnson, smooth-talking himself out of difficult situations, dipping in and out of secret card games; now, a beloved public figure with, it turns out, still-plentiful secrets. Wonderfully interwoven into this tale of the city of dreams are backroom deals, idealism and pragmatism, the best and worst ambitions, and all the aspirations that shape our communities and our lives.

A Place of Greater Safety

The Dead Path

The 13th Apostle

Genre (The New Critical Idiom)

The Portable Voltaire (Portable Library Series)














been a white man driving erratically in Laurelhurst or Broadmoor, do you think he would’ve been shot?” He was talking over a chorus of unh-uhhs now. “I don’t think so either, and that’s not right.” The grunts and sighs subsided as he started up again. Nobody wanted to miss whatever he’d say next, no matter how full of it they thought he was. Helen had seen crafty politicians come off as truth-telling outsiders many times before, but she’d never witnessed anything so seemingly genuine and

slightly it could be an affirmation or just the jostling of his pulse before they’re interrupted by the tipsy governor. Roger accepts another whiskey and watches these successful men interact woodenly, as if they’re still developing skills he himself never had to learn. And with this revelation comes the notion that perhaps running for mayor is thinking too small. Sidestepping away now, he finds the fair’s arts director blocking his path with a hand on her hip. “Tuesday nights, at six,” she

more than vote for you.” Roger climbed out and tried to rise to the moment, to look bigger and smarter and better than he felt, but his body was stiffening and his mind already spent. “Must be something going on tonight,” Teddy murmured once they stepped inside and heard voices through the walls. “Let’s just peek in here. I’ll ask around for Hogan.” Applause broke out as they entered the dining hall. Roger looked around for a speaker or a performer, but as the room swung into focus he saw what

surrounded by postcard summits and all that boat-loving water. Up here in the dark, five hundred feet above it all, downtown looks like it’s on fire again, though it’s just showing off this time, flaunting cheap hydropower, everyone flipping on their lights to greet the world, all those bulbs straining to make the city look bigger than it actually is. Taste that salty air. Smell the clam spit. Where better to start afresh? A whole new way of living in a city of things to come. That’s right. A

Annie’s cell, and she ran his schedule from wherever she was, he explained. After he finished, she brought him back to “Doesn’t your investment there make you a participant in the same dot-com craze that strikes you as so foolish?” “Yes.” “But isn’t it hypocritical to mock something you tried to profit from?” “No, it’s being human. ‘I’m like you’ is what that says. ‘I can be a sucker too.’ ” He laughed. “People vote for suckers?” He studied her. “I’m sorry to put so much

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