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The glowing ovoid plummeted downward, the whole sky screaming like a metallic banshee as the air boiled away from its sides. A supersonic bang broke over the forest, but the thing was already gliding down to Earth. As the ovoid settled in among the trees, the entire forest burst into flames. A thin black line appeared and etched a perfect circle on the side of the metal egg, then thickened into a door. The air was rent by a searing hiss. Slowly, the strange being - soon to be known to all mankind as VOR - began to emerge . . .

Insatiable (Instatiable, Book 1)

When the Killing's Done: A Novel

Summer of Yesterday

Everything Is Illuminated

Care of Wooden Floors











impossible that they could get it over the northern Pyrenees to the Bay of Biscay. Except for a landing and internment, the only course Marty had been able to plan required flying through one of the mountain range's few and difficult passes. Then the Me-104 had come dropping out of the sun toward them. At first the Messerschmidt pilot seemed undecided; he circled the crippled bomber warily, perhaps waiting for it to fire on him. Finally the German cut sharply in toward them and opened up. For

signal stands and so on he may have to go through. The reinforcement and shielding on the flatcar are a cinch to make it wider than gauge; anything that it won't pass through or under will have to be torn down. Or dynamited. And see to it that nobody approaches him closer than 500 feet at any time during the trip." "Yessir." The radioman resettled his earphones, leaving one ear partly uncovered. "And one other thing: that car is never to go faster than ten miles per hour. If it turns over and

shouted, springing to his feet and dumping his chair over. His face was flushed in patches; his normally pink scalp was as white as parchment, drawn tight over the fitted bones of his skull by the distorted muscles of his face. "This is the greatest thing that's ever happened on this planet! We're going to get space flight out of it, a key to ultrahigh-temperature physics, God only knows what else! VOR will give it all to us if we handle him right! And you—you're going to destroy it all at one

chamber. The access corridor did not seem to be impassable. In a moment Kovorsky was back; Davis was with him, white-faced and wobble-legged. "All right," Davis gasped weakly. "All right, I've learned something. I was stupid, but I've learned. Now we have to kill him. He's gone to the attack. He's forcing us to kill him. How do we go about it?" "I don't know," Marty said. "Dr. Kovorsky— " "I am not ready yet," Kovorsky said. "Besides, I have no authority. We are in your hands, Lt. Petrucelli."

come look at this," Harry said. "What the hell kind of a plane is that?" Marty left the radio and bent over the desk. The pictures leapt up at him. Harry's description has been graphically just, as usual. Under Marty's eyes, the denuded trunks of tall pines burned like candle-wicks in the centers of immense feathers of flame, lighting a mist which seemed to be rising steadily from shot to shot. The two pictures which had been made by the light of flares showed nothing but a blankness with

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