Walking Through Fire: The Later Years of Nawal El Saadawi (2nd Edition)

Walking Through Fire: The Later Years of Nawal El Saadawi (2nd Edition)

Nawal El Saadawi

Language: English

Pages: 305

ISBN: B00Y35152A

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Title note: original title Walking Through Fire: A Life of Nawal El Saadawi
Author note: Rebecca Walker (Forward)
Publish Year note: First published July 5th 2002 by Zed Books

Walking Through Fire is the second volume of Nawal El Saadawi’s autobiography, the story of her extraordinary adult life. We read of her work as a rural doctor, her attempts to set up women's organizations and to publish magazines and exile after her name appeared on a death list. She talks candidly of her personal struggles and her relationships -- of love, companionship, shared struggle and the differences between them.

Nawal El Saadawi has carved a place for herself in the universal struggle against oppression. "Words should not seek to please, to hide the wounds in our bodies, or the shameful moments in our lives," she says. "They may hurt, give us pain, but they can also provoke us to question what we have accepted for thousands of years."

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scholarship for a doctorate degree in the arts, and that is how she came to Duke to continue her studies. ‘I work in a restaurant in Durham,’ she said, ‘and send money to my mother because her pay in the plastics factory where she works is not enough to cover the expenses of my three young sisters.’ At the airport, when we embraced, she whispered in my ear: ‘I’m going to save up money to pay for a ticket to Cairo, Nawal.’ She had got into the habit of calling me by my first name and we used to

arms or to give first aid, used to gather around the radio several times during the day and listen to the foreign broadcasts. One of the young guerrilla trainees from Kafr Tahla clashed with Captain Ala’a and decided to go to the front in Port Said without waiting for instructions. Captain Ala’a went after him, arrested him at the Benha railway station and handed him over to the police. They beat him for three successive days in the police cell where he was kept, then released him. He came back

of Eve (Zed Books, 1980). * ‘Balbala’ – Babel in Arabic means ‘to confuse’. * Meaning an early death. * In Egypt people of one family are buried in a single big grave with a dome-like tomb built over it. However, the men are buried separately from the women. * Pastry cakes are distributed to the poor when relatives visit the deceased in the cemetery and visitors may partake of them – one of the traditions related to mourning the dead. * Lady or Mistress Aisha, the wife of the Prophet

says we’re already in the year 2000?’ My body floats up on the bed. I feel as though I am swimming in space and time. Time is passing and here I am lying under the bed covers, trying in vain to sleep. It is as though I have forgotten how to sleep. I try in vain to write. It is as though I have forgotten how to write. Sherif is sleeping by my side. He left his bed in the other room and came to me. We talked with one another for a while. He is writing a new novel, but I am unable to write. He

disposal against him. But I owned nothing. Even the three-roomed flat in which we lived was rented and did not belong to us. It accommodated our daughter and son in separate rooms, whereas Sherif and I shared a room in which we slept and worked. ‘This hirasa is to protect your life,’ they said to me when I joined them in the hall. ‘To protect my life?!’ ‘Yes.’ ‘From what?’ ‘I do not know. I was ordered to inform you that the authorities will appoint guards to protect you and that is all.’

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