Where My Heart Belongs

Where My Heart Belongs

Tracie Peterson

Language: English

Pages: 335

ISBN: 1602851271

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Journey Home Brought Equal Parts Healing and Heartache....Amy Halbert left home twelve years earlier, eager to cast aside the hindrances of small-town life. Her sister, Kathy, remained behind, left to witness the ripples of consequences that followed Amy's departure. When Amy suddenly reappears, her arrival sends Kathy into a maelstrom of emotion. Bitterness and betrayal threaten to consume her as the past is reawakened. But Kathy soon realizes that Amy has had burdens of her own to bear... Drawn together by their dying father's wishes, these sisters will travel down the difficult road of reconciliation...toward one another, and toward God.

West of January

Skräpliv - rumänska berättelser

The Space Between Us

Winged Victory














waffles.” “Not anymore,” Amy declared. “I’m a new woman, and I’m starting a new life.” “What do you mean?” Mom asked. “I mean I’ve legally changed my name, and I want my inheritance so that I can blow this stupid farm town. I went to the bank, but they wouldn’t let me draw out the trust fund. They said until I was twenty-one, I would have to have your permission to take it out. So I want you to cut me a check for it or go with me to the bank so I can get my money.” Mom nearly dropped the

talked much.” “If you find out, let me know. Oh, I also called because the Realtor told me about a couple of places you might want to consider. He said you could go on the Internet if you wanted to. I have the Web site address for them.” Kathy considered this for a moment. “I can look, but it seems kind of silly. I don’t know how much longer Dad’s going to last, and if he lingers for a long time, I’ll have to figure that into my plans.” “The agent knows all of that. I think the places he has

tape player. She grimaced at the thought of having to ask Kathy. She didn’t even know if her sister was aware that their mother had left the tape for Sunny. What if she wasn’t and it proved to be just one more thing that separated them and caused ill will? The letter had been brief and had only whetted Sunny’s need for more. Her mother had expressed her worry about where Sunny had gone and whether she’d ever see her daughter again. She talked about how she prayed Sunny would come home before she

awkwardly to Sunny. “And may God be with you in your grief.” “Thank you.” Sunny seemed just as uncomfortable as the pastor. It was one of those moments that reminded Kathy of two people meeting for a blind date. Neither one was quite sure of what the other expected or needed. The thought made her smile, because the pastor was nearly seventy and married, and Sunny looked like she might bolt for home any minute. “That was a real nice service,” Renea Stover said, coming to shake the pastor’s hand

people didn’t understand me, but I always felt you did.” Sylvia shifted her purse and crossed her arms. “I did to a point. But really, there’s no use rehashing the past. What I want to know is what is the future going to look like?” “I’m hoping it will look like a wedding in Colorado Springs,” Kathy said rather boldly. It wasn’t like her to make such predictions, but Kyle’s sweet spirit and obvious desire to pick up where they left off made her hopeful. “You’d better give me plenty of warning.

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