With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

With Stalin against Tito: Cominformist Splits in Yugoslav Communism

Ivo Banac

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0801421861

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Book by Banac, Ivo

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the benefit of Srpska rijec (Serb word), a ZAVNOH newspaper aimed at the Serbs of Croatia.tos Still, Hebrang's emphasis on the overriding loyalty of Croatia's Serbs to their Croatian homeland probably was difficult for some Serbs to swallow. But that line alone had a chance to break the circle of Serbian hegemony and Croat revanchism. Rade Pribicevic, the head of ZAVNOH's Serb Club, declared, "We shall do our duty to Croatia, as would every good son of Croatia, and we shall defend her state and

DF} (19 novembra 1944- 27 oktobra 1945) (Belgrade, n.d.), p. 58. 131. O bren BlagojeviC, "Ncki momenti iz rada lzvrsnog odbora Z AVNO Cmc Gore i Boke," lstorijski zapisi 24, nos. 3-4 (1971): 566, n. 6. Factions 105 Montenegro were obliged to leave their posts.133 Still, the extension of Montenegro's name to the Bay of Kotor and the acquisition of two southern Sandzak counties were the limit of Montenegro's territorial increase. Except for the pivotal Hercegovinian Sutorina, Montenegro did not

Penza, in the Volga region of the USSR.37 And in February 1949 the American leftist correspondent 35. Ibid., pp. 55 1-52. 36. Trajco Kostov's views on the nature of postwar power in the people's democracies were incompatible with Yugoslav radicalism. For Kostov, state power in Bulgaria was the rule of the " democratic portion of the bourgeoisie in alliance with the workjng class and peasants, and not a revolutionary dktatorshjp of workers and peasants" (cited in Mito Jsusov, Komunisticeskata

the living., At the same plenum Jovan Veselinov described some aspects of " dekulakization, in Vojvodina: "A peasant would say that he had 140 cubic meters of grain, but he had to deliver 220 meters, meaning that he was 80 meters short. We would then measure and confiscate all of his grain, although we knew that he really did not have what was expected of him. We did this in order to fulfill the plan.... But there were other errors, too; our people lost their tempers, slapped faces, pulled

aktiv "to take a stand against Tito's attempt to become the president of AVNOJ, which could be interpreted in the West as a Communist effort to make a revolution in [Yugoslavia)."25 They must have been discomfited by Tito's message of October 12, 1943, asking whether Moscow approved the Par22. Tito, Sabrana djela. 7:198, 10:170, 11:106. 23 . Ibid., 7:94 and n. 209, p. 226; 12:30. 24. Slobodan Ne!ovic and Branko Petranovic, comps., A VNO] i revolucija: Tematslta zbirlta doltwmenata, 1941-1945

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