Wrestling the Hulk: My Life on the Ropes

Wrestling the Hulk: My Life on the Ropes

Linda Hogan

Language: English

Pages: 143


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wrestling the Hulk

How many people can say they stood up against wrestler Hulk Hogan and came out victorious? Linda Hogan did just that. After twenty-four years of dealing with his cheating, mistreatment, and lies, Linda needed to step out of her marriage ring and start a new life.

In Wrestling the Hulk, the woman who was loved by television audiences for being the supportive wife and mother on VH1's hit show Hogan Knows Best is now revealing for the first time what life with the wrestling icon was really like behind the scenes. Linda takes readers through some of her most personal moments: from her first intimate experiences with Terry Bollea (aka Hulk Hogan) to their ringside courtship, from helping him launch a successful career and start a family to the crumbling of their marriage because of infidelity.

After two decades of being “Mrs. Hulk Hogan,” Linda finally summoned the courage to move on and love her life. She has found happiness in a new relationship with a younger man, proving that it's never too late to start over.

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nonchalantly walked out of the bathroom, completely naked! There was a long silence as I gazed at Hulk’s overwhelming body. What I originally thought was fat in his jeans was clearly muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle. I had never seen anyone so massive. What was he thinking? Did he think I’d be that easy? As I sat on the edge of the bed, I questioned my normally good judgment. At first I wanted to get up and run out of the apartment, thinking What am I doing?! But he convinced me to

went into the locker room (a place I rarely went) with the guys. Sweaty guys taping their wrists, fingers, knees, and elbows. I had no idea what they were doing, but tensions ran high in the locker room as they prepared for the big fight. I would sit backstage, usually on a forklift or out in the bleachers, as the crowd began to enter the building. Over the years, I’d made friends with building managers and referees, but I really didn’t have anyone to talk to. However, there were always other

directly to the site. Later, I would pick Brooke and Nick up and bring them to the new house. If they had homework, I’d let them do it in the construction trailer while I oversaw the crew. My presence at the construction site caused a lot of tension between Terry and me. He expected me to be home promptly with the children after school and wanted me to stay there. A nanny would have been a big help, but I liked the kids with me and they liked to be with me. I loved taking care of my kids. At the

second-guess my thoughts and actions. That’s what control freaks do. They brainwash you. Here’s what he had written: The first time I saw you, I saw your feet [I wear a size 11] and then I saw you. Let’s have our first drink and then you might think, I am the one for you. You lied about your car, you didn’t know I was a star. So you left the bar and I had no idea you would go so far. In the end we would turn out to be more than just friends. So I did a knee bend, so we could stay together

spun the story because it wasn’t how it went down. But there was no way to change it. The kids were actually happy we were getting a divorce. They knew how miserable Terry and I both were on a daily basis. In the months that followed after Valentine’s Day, I was back in Clearwater with Nick, meeting with lawyers and discussing how we were going to move forward with the divorce. There was a lot to deal with emotionally: finding out about Terry’s escapades with Christiane, knowing about Jennifer,

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